Safety tips:
  • Place the candle over straight and stable surface, out of reach of children or animals.
  • Never light up the candle near something flammable.
  • Avoid air flows. It will prevent the fast or uneven burning, the soot formation.
  • Do not move around the lighted up or still hot candle. It may cause the outpouring of melted wax, burning up or body burns. If there is a need to move around the candle, blow it out and wait until it cools down.
  • Do not leave the lighted up candle unattended and/or during your sleep time.
  • Before leaving the room, make sure that your candle is completely blown out and the end of the wick is not smouldering.
  • Consider that the accumulation of garbage over the wax surface may cause its further burning up, so clean it up constantly.
Usage tips:
  • When you light up the candle for the first time, be sure to let it burn until the whole wax surface (so called wax basin) is melted. Usually, it takes no less than 1 hour. It will help to prevent the formation of hard wax belt around the edges of candle container, which will never melt by itself in future and that is why will cause further uneven burning of the candle and its faster ending.
  • While the candle is burning, you can use the lid as a stand for a candle container, placing it down face. It will allow preventing the overheating of the surface under the candle.
  • Before lighting the candle again, be sure the wick rises above the wax surface not more than 5-6 mm. Higher wick lighting may cause uneven burning, big flame, flash, too fast wax burning and candle container overheating. If the wick is higher that 5-6 mm, than in case of the cotton wick - cut it carefully to the necessary height, and in case of the wooden wick – take away the burnt remains using a napkin.
  • It is not recommended to burn the candle longer than 3-4 hours. It may cause a strong loss of aroma and a wick diving into the wax.
  • To blow up the candle, close the container with the lid. In few seconds, open it to let the residual smoke go out and save the wax aroma, and close it again for storage. This is the safest way to avoid the hot wax contact or a wick diving into the wax. In addition, it will prevent the aroma loss, the candle container deformation and the surface dusting during storage.
Care tips:
  • Candle container is made of all-natural raw materials, that is why it is not resistant to humidity.
  • If your candle container became dirty, dusty or got wet, carefully clean it up with a dry cloth.
  • If during the usage some scratches appeared over the candle container, you may wipe it with a napkin moistened with a bit of oil.