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Experiencing dark times, we desperately need light. It was the candle from ancient times that was a symbol of hope and life. Due to the full-scale invasion of russia, millions of Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes. As of spring 2022, all members of our rekava team are also internally displaced persons. During the full-scale war, we started creating our unique decorative aroma candles - rekava candles.

Native places are often associated with special smells that are imprinted in our memory for the rest of our lives. Therefore, our first collection of aroma candles is dedicated to the symbolic aromas of Ukraine. When creating them, we tried to find the iconic scents of each city or region. We believe when you light the candle, you can mentally return, at least for a moment, to your home without war.

rekava is a Ukrainian sustainable brand of biodegradable goods made of recycled coffee grounds.

rekava candles are unique decorative aroma candles in biodegradable containers from recycled coffee grounds. We use only certified ingredients: natural soy wax, fragrance oils and dyes of premium quality. We do not use typical metal wick holders in our candles. Instead, we have developed our own solution for this purpose - natural eggshell bioceramics. All together, it provides maximum eco-friendliness of our product. After burning the candle, all its remains may be utilized by sorting them to organic fraction, composting or using as a biodegradable seedling pot.


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